Custom Fitting Your New Metal Watch Band
Dakota is able to pre-size your replacement watch band using our "Fit-n-Finish" program.

What is Dakota Fit 'n' Finish?
Fit 'n' Finish is a concept developed by Dakota to allow you the opportunity to bring the watch band buying experience to a more personal level in just three easy steps! When adding a metal band to your Mail-Order Battery Replacement, we can install and size your band to your wrist before returning the watch.

1) Learning More...
Download the Fit 'n' Finish PDF file. This file contains all the information you will need to size your new metal band! When you download and print this file for our Fit 'n' Finish equipped metal bands, you'll notice it also comes with a measuring device to cut out. Wrap this around your wrist to measure your fit. It's that easy

2) Custom Fit...
Once you have measured your wrist size, select the appropriate size from the drop down box located on the item page. You will be asked to enter the size required for Fit 'n' Finish at an additional charge. Once your order is placed, our on-site watch technicians will remove or add the desired links to create the size requested. When your wrist watch arrives in the mail, it can go right onto your wrist without first taking a trip to one of our mall locations or your local jeweler to have it re-sized!

*Should you need your watch sized larger than what is offered on the site, please contact our customer service department at: [email protected]. We will be happy to assist you with custom fitting your watch to your own specifications.

Please note that the custom fit wrist watch sizing does not guarantee the watch will fit perfectly, this just ensures that the watch will be close to the specifications requested. Minor fine tuning may be required, which can usually be done at home.

*Please note: Give us at least a turn around time of 2 days to finish your personalized watch perfectly.

*Also note: There are NO refunds on personalized items.